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November 14 is the international day of operating room personnel and nurses

November 14 is World Operating Room Personnel Day, which was registered in 1979 by the American Association of Surgical Technologists, and now it is celebrated for a week from November 8 to 14. Acquainting the society with the operating room personnel and honoring and appreciating these health-hardworking loved ones is one of the goals of this commemoration. Part of the work of the surgical team in the operating room is the responsibility of the operating room personnel, and the activities of these people facilitate and accelerate the work of the surgeons. On the occasion of International Day of Operating Room Personnel, we have dedicated this part of the Namanak variety to these dear ones in the health department so that this group can be seen and known better.
History of the operating room field
During the battle of World War I and II, the need for operating room technicians was felt more than before. At this time, doctors were used as the surgeon’s first aid in the operating room. In the warships of the United States Navy, medical assistants were also used as assistant surgeons, but experts were not allowed to be on these ships as assistant surgeons. This is how the need to create a new profession in the US Army, called operating room technologist, was felt and this discipline was created.

In 1901, a person named Martha Lucy from Boston described the duties of operating room experts.

From 1366 to 1380, operating room courses were started in Iran at the associate level, and since 1387, this course has been started in continuous and discontinuous undergraduate courses in different faculties of the country.

Duties of the operating room technician

Duties and tasks that the operating room technician must do
The operating room technician works alongside a medical team—including surgeons, nurses, and anesthesiologists. Usually, operating room technicians are classified as circular (a non-sterile person who provides the necessary needs during surgery and does not have the right to be close to the patient) and scrub (a sterile person who is in a one-meter environment next to the surgeon and with They work in the operating room. Operating room technicians provide the necessary assistance to surgeons in the operating room and are considered assistants to surgeons during surgery, who are responsible for the following duties:

The operating room technician prepares the operating room for surgery and checks and controls the adequate lighting, power supply system, temperature, humidity, cleanliness, safety, etc. of the operating room.

The operating room technician must ensure the correctness of the devices and equipment necessary for surgery.

Sterilizing the equipment and supplies and ensuring the presence of necessary supplies and tools for surgery is one of the duties of the operating room technician.

Operating room field

Before the operation, the technician of the operating room checked the patient’s file to ensure that the medical documents, such as permission for the operation and preparations for the operation, pre-operative medicines, absence of artificial devices and ornaments, etc., are complete so that no problems arise for the patient.

Giving the necessary training and information to the patient, washing and disinfecting the incision sites on the patient’s body, and generally preparing patients for surgery are among the tasks of the operating room technician.

Another duty of an operating room technician is to help doctors and nurses before and during surgery.

Taking care of the laboratory samples of some surgeries and sending them to the laboratory is also the responsibility of the operating room technician.

The operating room technician assists in final sterilization and dressing of the patient.

The operating room technician is responsible for transferring patients to the recovery room after the operation.

Tidying and sterilizing the operating rooms after surgery is another duty of the operating room technician.

Preparing the report of the surgical process is also the responsibility of the operating room technician.

Required education and how to enter the group of operating room technicians
Graduates of the operating room field can enter this job. People who enter this job with knowledge and interest can reach better job positions such as operating room supervisor, operating room manager, etc. if they try and persevere.

The operating room technician training program is in two ways. Bachelor of Nursing graduates can get the necessary training to enter the operating room by completing a 1 to 2 year course. In the second case, people in the associate degree undergo general training in the operating room and work as circular people and scrubs in the operating room.

The operating room technologist should be trained in three levels. At the first level, the person prepares for general operations. In the second level, to play a role in specialized and super-specialized practices, and in the third level, the individual acquires the necessary ability for the management field.

The operating room technician is constantly with the surgeon and learns many things from him and gradually acquires many skills. The operating room technician must be patient, accurate and physically fit and have the ability to make correct and quick decisions in critical situations.

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