We are proud to serve you as our respected clients and thank you for choosing our specialized family hospital.
It is no secret that going to the hospital can be scary for any person, especially if she does not know the level of medical services of the hospital she is going to Your health is your greatest asset and your full and speedy recovery is very important to us. Currently, we have been given the opportunity to provide unique and modern medical services and care in a pleasant and beautiful environment in a way that our dear compatriots deserve.

ما از کجاکردیم!

The Khanevadeh specialized hospital was designed in 1990. In that year, the founding board of the first building of this complex, entitled “Khanevadeh Polyclinic”, was put into operation with the aim of providing outpatient services to clients.
In 1997, the first medical unit of this complex, including the CCU and internal departments, was opened, and at the same time as the donation of the holy flag of the royal court of Imam Reza (AS), the Razavi Heart Hospital was blessed
After that, with the continuous efforts of the authorities, it started its activity in 2013 under the name of Baharestan Hospital, operating the departments of women’s surgery, men’s surgery, and general operating room, and continued with the construction and operation of the maternity hospital, special operating rooms for women and Delivery, ICU, midwifery and newborns took another step towards progress, and now this hospital, with the title of family specialized hospital, is one of the positive first-class specialized hospitals in the province with a very beautiful environment and vast green space on the slopes of Sefe mountain, ready for admission. and providing services to the noble and dear people of the province.

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CEO of Isfahan Industries Health and Medical Services Company (private shares) and head of the Khanevadeh hospital

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The mission of Isfahan Khanevadeh Hospital is to serve families With a collection of the best medical staff, Iran’s best doctors, ethical and skilled personnel and finally integrated management, we have been empathetic to be able to serve our fellows.
Have a high effort to be in the eyes of God and the people as much as your effort is your credit