Safety tips for taking medicine

Safety tips for taking medicine:

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Safety tips for taking medicine:

  • Avoid keeping medicine at home as much as possible.
  • Safety tips for taking medicineWhen buying any kind of medicinal combination, be sure to pay attention to its validity date before use.
  • Never keep unlabeled or bulk drugs at home or at work and throw them away.
  • Avoid excessive use of antibiotics without a doctor’s prescription.
  • Do not give medicine to children before prescribed by a doctor.Safety tips for taking medicine
  • Keep the medicine out of the reach of children.
  • At least once every three months, check all the medicines in the house in terms of expiration dates and throw the expired medicines in the trash.
  • Avoid taking the remaining medicines from before.
  • You should not take medicine unnecessarily to relieve any pain.
  • Avoid storing medicine at home without a doctor’s prescription.
  • Medicines should be stored in a shelf away from light, moisture and heat.
  • It is not necessary to store all medicines in the refrigerator. Pay attention to the storage conditions of the medicine that are mentioned on the medicine box or in its leaflet.
  • Syringes or sterile gloves also have an expiration date. Tearing of the paper covering the syringe and gloves makes them non-sterile and unusable.
  • Safety tips for taking medicineWhen delivering the medicine from the pharmacy, listen carefully to the drug information and how to use it. Take the medicine regularly according to the doctor’s recommendations.
  • Do not recommend your prescribed medicine to others under any circumstances.
  • Discuss any drug allergies or reactions with your doctor.
  • Be sure to check the label and the name of the medicine before taking the medicine. Never take medicine in the dark without seeing the label.
  • Do not move medicine containers and never put medicine in another medicine box. Store and consume any medicine in its container or box.
  • It is dangerous to take some medicines during pregnancy. Do not take medicine during pregnancy without a doctor’s prescription.
  • Before traveling, be sure to make the necessary predictions about your regular medications.
  • Safety tips for taking medicineYou can use eye drops for up to one month after opening the lid.
  • Oral medicines in the form of powder (suspension) can be stored and consumed for up to one week after being mixed with boiled water cooled to the mark line. Shake it well before use.
  • The remaining serum solution, drops and syrups that have been incompletely consumed cannot be stored and must be thrown away.
  • Do not stop taking your medication on your own.

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