Birthday celebration with the blessing of the lady of Karbala, Hazrat Zainab (pbuh) and nurse’s day in the hospital

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According to the public relations report of the hospital, at the same time as the birthday of Hazrat Zainab, peace be upon her, and the nurse’s day, and in continuation of the programs to celebrate the position of nurse, a celebration ceremony was held in the hospital meeting hall with the presence of Mr. Agha Babagliyan (CEO of Isfahan Industries Health and Medical Services Company), Dr. Mohsen Soleimani ( Head of the hospital), Dr. Abdul Khaliq Shahmoradi (head of the emergency department and member of the board of directors) and Dr. Mousavi (head of the ICU department) and a group of managers and officials of the hospital and the hospital’s medical staff were held.

At the beginning, Mr. Babagoliyan congratulated Zainab (PBUH) on the birth of the Prophet (PBUH) and said that according to the narration narrated from the Holy Prophet (PBUH), taking care of the sick included being surrounded by Hazrat Ibrahim (PBUH) and crossing the bridge of Sarat. It will have a jump like lightning, and the reward of this job is very high among other jobs. We have no doubt, hoping for sincerity and honesty in the implementation of current affairs.

Then, in his speech, Mr. Mohsen Soleimani, while congratulating on this blessed day, expressed his happiness at the increase in the satisfaction level of clients, which is the result of empathy, hard work and sense of responsibility of all dear colleagues, especially the hospital’s treatment staff, and thanked all colleagues.

At the end, a number of nurses, operating room technicians, and anesthesia technicians were appreciated and thanked as exemplary personnel, and a gift was given to them.

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