Mayor of Isfahan: Nurses are one of the important pillars of society’s health

Dr. Qadrat Elah Nowrozi, the respected mayor of Isfahan, said in the ceremony of honoring the position of a nurse among the staff of Isfahan Family Hospital: Nurses play the greatest role in people’s life expectancy and effectiveness in their lives, and in this respect, Hazrat Zainab (PBUH) is the only nurse in history who is always mentioned as a resilient woman who was not only a nurse for the patients of Karbala, but also managed to The title of a capable manager should play a role after the historical event of Ashura.

The mayor of Isfahan emphasized the need for stability in the path of Hazrat Zainab (pbuh) and continued: History has not seen a woman like her because she turned the page of the greatest social political movement in human history while witnessing a great calamity.

Stating that nurses deal with people who need love every day, he clarified: People have always loved nurses because they are one of the pillars of the society’s health and despite the existing adversities, they spend everything for the physical health and mental peace of patients.

Nowrozi noted: Although the nurses may be exposed to the inappropriate words of the patients, but with their tolerance, they have made us see them as angels of salvation and hope for their actions.

Emphasizing that it is necessary for nurses to always complete various training courses and have firm faith in God, he said: Isfahan municipality is ready to cooperate with the family hospital so that both the employees of this hospital can use the welfare facilities of the municipality and the employees of the municipality can benefit from the treatment facilities of this hospital.


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