Unit Name:Health Education
Head of the unit:Farzaneh Dadkhah
Access route:building number 17- second floor of the clinic- education management office
Contact information:extension 3343
Service description :

Health education is one of the indicators of the quality of treatment, and all patients have the right to receive appropriate training from doctors, nurses, nutritionists and other medical staff regarding the maintenance and promotion of health, type of disease and care. When carrying out the training, the nurse should consider principles such as choosing a quiet environment, the condition of the patient and the time of the training.
Trainings in the patient education unit every day from 10 to 11:30 am face to face, educational pamphlets, playing educational CDs, posters, group classes with regard to underlying diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, cancer and also Health promotion measures including obesity and overweight, inactivity, smoking and alcohol consumption are given to patients or their companions.
The training of patients in the departments is done during various stages during admission, hospitalization and discharge, and according to the type of disease, face-to-face training, training booklets and pamphlets are provided by the colleagues in the departments.

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