Guidelines for the use of masks in children and teenagers during the outbreak of the corona virus

The use of masks is recommended as part of health interventions. Evidence shows that the prevalence rate in children is lower than in adults.

Children under 5 to 11 years

  • Lack of skills in using hands and coordination of fine movements and the need for help when using a mask, which requires the constant and proper supervision of an adult.
  • Children who have severe cognitive and respiratory disorders and have difficulty in tolerating the mask should not use the mask under any circumstances.
  • Public hygiene such as regular and frequent hand washing and social distancing (1 meter) is a priority

Children over 12 years old

The instructions for use are the same as for adults. In special cases, such as immune system defects, cancer, and developmental disorders, the child’s doctor should be examined.

Important recommendations

  • Modeling the use of masks by parents, guardians and teachers for a better understanding of the child about wearing a mask and maintaining it
  • Giving educational messages to correct the child’s inattention due to the false sense of security of using a mask as an emphasis on performing other health measures

How to use a mask safely and effectively

  • Reusing the mask by the same child after feeding and exercising
  • If the mask is torn, contaminated or wet, it must be thrown away in a special bag or container
  • Using appropriate size, color and design for children to improve acceptance and use of masks
  • Putting masks on children’s dolls to encourage more cooperation

face shield

  • This protector prevents liquids and particles from splashing into the eyes and can only be used in special situations where wearing a mask is not practical, considering the following points.
  • cover the whole face, stick to both sides of the face and extend to the chin
  • It should be properly cleaned and disinfected and resistant to disinfectants. (washed with soap and water and disinfected with 70-90% alcohol)
  • Maintain a physical distance of 1 meter
  • Precautions to prevent injury to the child while wearing and removing the protector
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