Facilities of the IPD unit

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  • Making the necessary arrangements before the patient’s arrival in Iran and providing services
  • Transfer from the airport to the hospital
  • The presence of a resident translator fluent in the international language of the patient
  • The presence of an IPD expert for international patients with a translator to welcome and facilitate the provision of medical services
  • Providing a calm environment in accordance with the patient’s culture and equipping with the Internet
  • Daily visit of IPD doctor
  • In order to reduce the accommodation and travel concerns of patients and their companions, creating a platform for cooperation with different hotels in various levels of
  • formalities, the possibility of obtaining or extending visas and converting international currencies.
  • Coordinating transportation to and from the patient’s accommodation
  • Providing all financial and clinical documents to international patients in English
  • Continuation of diagnostic treatments after the patient travels to his country
  • Providing all necessary training related to treatment after discharge
  • If desired, it is possible to accompany the patient from the airport to the hospital and vice versa by the medical staff
  • Providing a menu based on the patient’s culture and diet
مطالب مرتبط  Introduction of IPD unit

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