Commemoration of World Heart Day in the specialized family hospital

بدون دیدگاه

On the occasion of October 1st, on the 7th of October, coinciding with World Heart Day, a ceremony was held in the open air of the family hospital in compliance with all health protocols.

In this ceremony, which was organized by the health promotion, staff training and patient education units of the family hospital, the blood pressure of the clients over 55 years of age was controlled and the necessary consultations were provided in this regard. Also, in this ceremony, educational packages and Hygiene was given to the clients.
In recent years, the death rate of cardiovascular patients has increased significantly in the world. According to the World Heart Federation, seventeen million people in the world die every year due to heart complications. This problem shows the importance of informing about ways to prevent heart complications. Cardiovascular diseases are one of the most common causes of death in Iran. Nearly forty percent of the causes of death of young people in Iran are heart diseases.
In order to plan to prevent the occurrence of heart diseases, provide proper information to the people of the society and comprehensively fight against the risk factors of heart diseases, governments and people thought about dealing with these diseases. Among the popular institutions such as the International Federation of Cardiology and the International Association of Cardiologists, it was established in 1978, whose responsibility was the prevention and control of cardiovascular diseases.
By merging these two societies and changing their names officially since 1998, the World Heart Federation was formed. With the view that all the member countries of this federation can contribute to the eradication of the global epidemic of cardiovascular diseases, the World Heart Federation, in cooperation with the World Health Organization, designated the 29th of September every year as the World Heart Day, and every year with a different slogan for this day. It is cherished.

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