Iran is kindergarten of civilization and land of science and relaxation . Isfahan, the city of dignite and turquoise is a kindergarten of elite medicine and culture , witch is located in the heart of iran.

Along with all my colleagues in the largest garden of the hospital in iran(Khanevadeh hospital), we openly welcome all the companions and patients who need quality service,this hospital will host your loved ones while offering the best specialized , diagnostic , therapeutic and surgical services based on the ability of your global elite physicians to promote health and treatment and even checking and preventing them.

Where is iran

Iran is in your neighborhood , iran is linked to the natural resources and talents of the country and the favorable weather conditions from the north to the Caspian sea and southern with the Persian gulf and oman sea . iran’s neighbors are Armenia , azarbaijan , turkmenstan in the north ,turkey and Iraq in western Afghanistan and Pakistan in the east . infact , iran forms the bridge between the far east and the Mediterranean and Europe . according to the report , iran’s tourism organization ranked tenth in history and has ranked fifth in the world with natural attractions.

To know Isfahan better

The historic city of Isfahan is the center of Isfahan , which has a history of Iranian history and has the third place in terms of population in the is located in the heart of iran and is a relatively mountainous region with temperate climate and regular four-season , with an average elevation of 1500 meters above sea level. geographical location at 51 degrees 29 minutes east longitude and 32 degrees 38 minutes north latitude the name of this city has been mentioned in the last day of anzan , kabian , jey , aphan , safan, safahan , sepahan , Isfahan the historical monuments of Isfahan power to emam square , chehelsotun palace , khaju bridge , thirty –tree bridges , manarjonban and Isfahan market , mount sofeh the garden of birds and flower garden are among other spectacular and tourist destinations in Isfahan.

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