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Mission of Isfahan Khanevadeh Hospital

Khanevadeh Hospital with the aim of providing and promoting community health in providing medical services to the honorable people of Isfahan and neighboring provinces is constantly working. Valuable assets of the hospital, especially doctors to provide quality, safe and patient-centered services in the field of prevention, diagnosis and They work diligently according to national and international standards in the field of treatment.The goal of management is to continuously improve quality and achieve excellence through the empowerment of stakeholders and the promotion of interaction and participation, empathy and honesty and the creation of sustainable enthusiasm.

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Index services in a suitable environment

Khanevadeh Hospital, as a first-class private hospital, provides medical and care services to patients in accordance with international standards in a suitable, dynamic and efficient environment.

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Experienced and committed medical staff

Isfahan Khanevadeh Hospital with experienced management, along with caring and application staff equipped with the latest facilities and advanced technology in the world with different departments to be ready to provide services for all your diseases.

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Medical equipment and technology of the day

Isfahan Khanevadeh Hospital provides different preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic, self-care and hotel services to patients by using new equipment and modern medical technology.

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Specialized and sub-specialized services

Isfahan Family Specialized Hospital with the benefit of experienced medical staff and the most modern medical equipment Provides patients with distinctive prevention, diagnostic, treatment, self-care and hotel services

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Khanevadeh Hospital Dental Clinic

Isfahan Khanevadeh Hospital Dental Clinic is one of the most equipped dental clinics in Isfahan province, which provides all general and specialized dental services by using the most advanced equipment and the highest standards in the world.

The use of experienced and ethical administrative and medical staff, the use of modern treatment techniques, the use of experience and knowledge of experienced and skilled dentists, the use of daily equipment with lower quality and tariffs compared to competitors, are the features of the dental clinic. Is Isfahan Khanevadeh Hospital.

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Meet our experts

Dr. Majid Karimian

Orthopedic specialist
دکتر عبدالخالق شاهمرادی


expert Surgeon
دکتر سعید ابریشم کار

Dr. Saeed Abrisham Kar

دکتر فرزانه جابری

Dr. Farzaneh Jaberi


International Department

Our hospital is not only for dear Iranians!

Medical tourism or health tourism is a trip to another country for the purpose of treatment. The reasons for this type of tourism are the lack of similar treatment methods, high costs and the lack of advanced treatment technologies in the country of origin، On the other hand, due to the appropriate medical tariffs in Iran compared to other countries in the region and the provision of international quality medical and nursing services, a large number of patients tend to travel to Iran to receive medical services, and this has led to Be one of the health tourism hubs in the region, our beloved country.
In this regard, Isfahan Khanevadeh Hospital, considering the actual and potential capacities in the field of modern health services management, was able to receive the admission license of international patients in the evaluation of the Ministry of Health.

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